I often get emails about specific problems such as this one that arrived yesterday and I wanted to share both the question and my response with you …

“My 5 year old cat is a very active, indoor cat. Over the past several weeks I have noticed that when she jumps from a high place she stretches her left hind leg out behind her, then limps on it once or twice and continues on her way. I have examined her leg and there are no bumps and she is not bothered when I squeeze and feel the leg. Tonight she jumped from a window ledge and is visibly limping and favouring her other limbs. I am confident that she does not have a broken/fractured bone. Could you please advise?
Thank you,

{name & email withheld}.

I just want to clarify with my readers, I am not a qualified Vet. I am a passionate Cat Lover & owner, who over the years has has been fortunate enough to discover what I think are some terrific remedies for healing my cats, however, if I am in any doubt, I ALWAYS seek the advice of my local Veterinarian.  Once he has ruled out any significant injury or malformation, I know that I will have more success in ‘healing’ with ‘natural remedies’, than any over the counter medicine, that is generally designed to mask pain, not aid in recovery.

Just like humans, If we injure & bruise our leg, there are two alternatives.  The first, we rub the leg with a little Arnica cream, to aid the healing process, it will still be a little sore, so you know not to use the leg while it is healing but will it will certainly speed up the process. Alternatively, if you take a whole bunch of ‘anti-inflamatory’ tablets, what happens, it masks the pain, so you can keep using the leg,  the tablets often cause other symptoms such as stomach cramps, the leg takes longer to heal, as you continue to use it, forcing you to continue to take the medicine which is making you sick…. such a vicious cycle.

My cats are my ‘babies’ and I want to make sure they live a long & healthy life. Therefore, my best advice for the above question, If you are concerned, see your Vet. If there are no obvious injuries, I would certainly try Pet Bounce™ it is  a cost effective, all-natural, plant-based homeopathic blend is designed to help alleviate the symptoms of stiffness your pet may be experiencing safely and without side effects.

If the cost of going to the vet is an issue, Pet Bounce™ may be a good place to start, but always get your cat checked over by a professional if the symptoms persist.





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